Geof Cox speaking at the 2006 EFES Top 100 Conference in BrusselsGeof Cox at the 2006 EFES Top 100 Conference



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Geof Cox has been involved in social enterprise for over 30 years, and for the last 20 years has worked as a freelance social enterprise developer and an associate of a number of top social enterprise consultancies.  He is also an associate member of the UK National Development Team for Inclusion and the British Council Global Social Enterprise Programme.

He is a specialist in organisational change and restructuring, especially around the start or expansion of trading activities by public or voluntary sector bodies. His work includes:

Geof Cox's published work includes a number of articles in refereed journals on business and the arts, and the following technical guides

  • The Extra Elements (co-author, SocialFirmsUK 2005; revised edition 2012)
  • The Template Social Firm Share Community Interest Company (SocialFirmsUK 2008; revised edition 2010)
  • The Template Social Firm Guarantee Company (SocialFirmsUK 2005; revised edition 2010)
  • RIPFA Key Issues 4 : Social Firms (Dartington 2009)
  • Bringing Social Firms Out Of Public Authorities (SocialFirmsUK 2006)
  • A Guide to Charities Starting Social Firms (SocialFirmsUK 2006)
  • Delivering Community & Employee Buyouts (co-author, CooperativesUK 2003)
  • Legal/Financial Structures for Social Firms (SocialFirmsUK 2000)
  • The Musician's Union Guide to Music Co-operatives (Musicians' Union 1996)
  • Turnarounds - A Guide to Democratic Conversions and Buyouts (OpenUniversity 1995)

He also has over 30 years voluntary sector management experience, including officer positions with UK national bodies such as ICOM, The Common Cause Foundation and Social Firms UK.

Speaking at the MYSF Social Enterprise Conference in Yangon, Myanmar, in 2017Speaking at the MYSF Social Enterprise Conference in Yangon, Myanmar, in 2017Recent work includes

  • advising governments on social enterprise legislation
  • advising on the transformation-to-social-enterprise of health, social care, education and arts services for a number of UK public authorities
  • organisational development planning, including development of trading subsidiaries for a number of UK national and local charities
  • helping restructure charitable activities as self-financing services (in the UK, Eastern Europe and Asia)
  • published research papers on social enterprise organisational structure development
  • training seminars on the transition from public and voluntary sector management to social enterprise
  • management and delivery of social enterprise training programmes throughout the UK, Europe and Asia

Geof Cox is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), a Master of Arts (MA, Keele, 1982), a qualified teacher (PGCE) and BAHons (Nottingham).

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