Community and Employee Buy-Outs

Increasingly groups of employees or local people are getting together to buy businesses they see as vital to their future - either to provide continuing secure employment or a vital local service such as a village pub or shop.

Ashington Autospares is a typical employee buy-out on the retirement of the old owners, assisted by Geof Cox - a case study, taken from the publication Delivering Employee & Community Buy-outs, can be downloaded here.

Anthony Jensen's ReportAnthony Jensen's Report

A new report of a research project by Anthony Jensen, edited with additional material by Geof Cox, is now available:

Insolvency, Employee Rights and Employee Buyouts

Anthony has struck a chord with this report by putting an argument at the intersection of ideas on 'stakeholder capitalism' - which recognise employees and the wider community as 'investors' - and the increasing fear among policy makers that globalisation will lead to more radical restructuring of industry. He draws specifically on current issues like the DTI review of the impact of the Enterprise Act 2002, the Warwick Agreement, the Lisbon Strategy and the future use of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund. He and other employee and community buyout specialists for once agree with R3, the insolvency practitioners' association, that we are reaching a tipping point for employees/communities as purchasers of businesses.

For details of the Parliamentary Launch of this report see the News Archive page.