Social enterprise development projects undertaken with Economic Partnerships

Design of the organisational structure of the UK national umbrella body for social enterprise for people with disabilities, Social Firms UK, and the model organisational forms for its UK regional branches; also a number of commissioned research and development contributions to both individual social enterprises for people with disabilities and the national and regional support infrastructure.

For evaluation contact Sally Reynolds, SFUK Chief Executive


In partnership with Social Firms UK, development and management of The Social Firms Development Training Programme - - the first UK web-based training programme for people planning to establish social enterprises.

For evaluation contact Gerry Higgins, now CEIS Chief Executive


Design and implementation for the UK Home Office (Active Communities Unit) of a programme of research into organisations delivering mental health care services, to identify the size and scope of the ‘mental health voluntary and community sector’, and to examine the factors that are likely to shape its future development.

For evaluation contact Rob Strachan Government Office North East Head of Community Policy


Research and preparation of the UK Social Enterprise Coalition national social enterprise mainstreaming strategy and action plan.

For evaluation contact Jonathan Bland, SEC Chief Executive


Preparation for the Regional Development Agency OneNorthEast of the North East Social Enterprise Regional Action Plan, including establishing the policy and funding context, mapping the social enterprise sector, and consultation with key agencies and delivery organisations

For evaluation contact David Smith, Business Development Coordinator


Research report for Social Firms UK into the organisational and management structures used by social firms, leading to an address at the SFUK Annual Conference in September 2004 and subsequent recommendation of a development strategy for more participative structures.

For evaluation contact Gerry Higgins, now CEIS Chief Executive