Doing social enterprise

Northern PrintGeof Cox analysed the trading potential of Northern Print and recommended the move to their current premises in Newcastle

Geof Cox works only with enterprise that puts a social purpose before making money – but he does not believe in the common UK use of the term 'social enterprise' as a noun – to describe particular kinds of business organisation or structure. Rather, 'social enterprise' should be used as a verb – it is an activity, a way of doing business, that can be pursued by any individual or organisation. It is value based business.

Geof Cox assists with organisational structures and restructuring across all kinds of social enterprise, but more general enterprise development work is mainly focused on 4 sectors -

- and internationally on work in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

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Recent social enterprise development work

Past social enterprise development projects with Economic Partnerships

Work in Eastern Europe and Eurasia with NESsT, Oxfam, People in Need, Social Enterprise Europe, and others