Susan Priestley

Susan PriestleySusan Priestley

Susan Priestley has worked in the cultural sector in the North East of England for the past 20 years, and has been a freelance arts consultant since 2001. She was a Director of social enterprise consultancy, Economic Partnerships, from 2002 until 2007 and set up Cultural Partnerships Limited with fellow Director Geof Cox in 2004. Her current work has a particular focus around the arts, learning and cultural business development, particularly in relation to the development of creative businesses and schools and education-led social enterprises.

Recent clients include Arts Council England:North East, MLA North East and Tyne and Wear Museums. Susan’s main areas of expertise are:


Remembering SlaveryRemembering Slavery

  • Creative business planning and development - for example, a research and business planning programme to assist with the development of schools and youth group led social enterprises for Newcastle City Council - and business planning and support to special schools to create training and employment opportunities for disabled and/or disadvantaged young people.
  • The production of reports, strategies and planning frameworks, such as the production of an Arts Strategy for Looked After Children for Durham County Council in 2006/07, and legacy planning for the Durham Cultural Hub, a creative learning partnership of schools and cultural organisations, for Arts Council England:North East in 2008.
  • The development and/or promotion of creative learning programmes, such as an extensive regional development programme to promote the understanding and use of Inspiring Learning for All (ILfA) in the museums, libraries and archives sector, for MLA North East, from 2006-2008, and the production of Teachers’ Packs for four North East volunteer-run museums, for MLA North East in 2007/08.
  • Evaluations and impact studies, for example, the evaluation of Remembering Slavery 2007, to measure changes in views and attitudes to historical and modern-day slavery in the North East, for Tyne and Wear Museums in 2007, and a research study to assess the impact of the North East Regional Museums Hub 2006-08 education programme in 2008.
  • Interim management for creative organisations, for example, two recent periods (2005 and 2007) as Acting Director for Northern Print, the North East’s only open access printmaking studio, gallery and print sales outlet.


Susan Priestley studied Fine Art Printmaking (BA) at West Surrey College of Art and Design and Newcastle Polytechnic and retains a keen personal and professional interest in the arts.